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Natural, homemade snacks directly from the farms of Western Ghats.

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No preservatives are added to our products. We recommend our customers to store it appropriately.

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We provide products directly from farmers market to keep the prices low and quality high.

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Exams week and you are pulling an all-nighter?

Beating deadline at work?

Or just want your kids to have a healthy snack?

If you want something to munch on to get you going throughout the day, what other snack will you grab, but only Banana Chips! It is not only a fun snack, but is also a healthier choice as compared to most chips in the market.

Banana chips is also called banana wafers is one of the most famous Indian snacks. Banana is sliced and fried in oil with added salt and spices to get that extra mouth watering taste.

They are mixed with a pinch of salt to get a salty and spicy feel. Banana chips are most famous and highly produced and consumed in Kerala. We provide freshly prepared, delicious banana chips right to your doorsteps. Wherever you are in India, you can get our spicy banana chips.

We at Crocodaily are trying to connect banana chips producers directly with the consumers removing any middleman in between. This way we can keep the prices low and quality high.

We believe in providing quality banana chips to our customers and achieving customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We get the tasty banana chips produced ony when we receive the order. We do not store them. So what you get is actually the chips prepared a few days ago.

When you buy our banana chips online, you can ensure that the quality will be maintained throught the packaging, transport, and delivery. If you are in doubt, just ping usping us, we will be at your service.

When you buy our banana chips online, you can ensure that the quality will be maintained throught the packaging, transport, and delivery. If you are in doubt, just ping us, we will be at your service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no third-party involved in Crocodaily. You get the snacks directly from the producers.

Since there is no middle-man involved and our margins are less than 5%, the prices can be kept low.

Bananans are peeled and sliced thin and fried till they are crispy. Grounded chilly or pepper or just salt is carefully mixed with the chips in a mixing container.

Banana chips can be made with variety of oils. Coconut oil being the best. Our producers use Sunflower oil for preparing banana chips.

Crocodaily is located in the heartland of Malenadu(Land of Rain) - Chikkamagalur, known for its coffee and weather.

Banana is a plant product. The oil, chilly, pepper and salt are all vegetarian. So banana chips produced by us are 100% vegetarian.

A special variety of banana called Nendra(Nendran) is used for making plain banana chips which has a higher market value.

We pack two 500 grams packets in 1kg orders. You can send us a request if you want different flavours mixed in your order.

Our profit margins are very less. We depend on the number of orders and the kilos of chips sold.

That makes us offer bananan chips at the lowest price compared to any other vendor but it also binds us to sell in items minimum of 1 KG.

Banana chips should be stored in an air-tight container. If left open, the chips absorb moisture and loose its crispyness.

Banana chips last for 6 to 12 months if stored in an air-tight container.

Yes. We ship to all the states of India. It would take around 10 days for the delivery if you are ordering from a northern state.